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Vanguard Wifi Electric Radiator 750w

£302.12 Ex Tax: £251.77
  • Brand: Vanguard
  • Product Code: VA750W
  • Availability: In Stock

• Ceramic radiator with high thermal inertia, able to continue emitting heat for a long period of time even after being off.

• Ceramic Block with heating element and double thermal isolation Class II, thin and light.     
• Made with natural and eco friendly materials

• 9.5 cm with, which ensures it integrates into any décor.

• Uniform temperature distribution over the surface.

• Top quality injected aluminum body means a light and strong product.

• Side panels in injected polyamide with internal reinforcements.

• Durable epoxy powder RAL 9010.

• Silent operation: digital regulation with Triac control.

• Digital Programmable Control placed on the top (visibility and more accessible) with the following Functions:   
• Intelligent Control System (ITCS), the radiator learns the heat up characteristics of the property and turns on at the right time to give the comfort required.

•  Proportional Regulating System (PID) accurate temp control

•  Temperature precision 0,1ºC.

•  energy use meter and history of energy consumed.

•  Comfort, economy and frost protection Modes.

 LCD screen.

•  Open Window function.

• Security Thermal Control.

• Voltage 220-240 V. Frequency 50-60 Hz.• 1.5m cable with UK Plug.

• Power Switch on/off.

• Class 1.

• Wifi radiators need smartbox accessory.

• Compatible with amazon echo for voice control

• Geolocation. You can set a distance when coming home for your heating to turn on and a distance when leavinghome for your heating to turn off

• Maximum radio signal distances about 200m in a open spaces, 30m with 2-3 walls indoors, the radiators work in anetwork,  if one radiator is out range, the signal will be received though the other Radiators ( up to 4 transmissions or ‘hops’ are possible).

• One smartbox can control up to thirty-one radiators in the same network. With the same APP, several smartboxes can be managed, each of them with 31 devices.

• If the internet connection is lost, the radiators will still work normally; they do not depend on the internet. Simply, you will not able to use the app but the radiator will still work from the built in controls.

• Low Data Consumption, 200kb radiator/day, usually.

Weight 11kg
Output 0.75kw
Width 415mm
Height 575mm
Depth 95mm

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