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Summer Electric Heating Tips

Summer Electric Heating Tips

13.04.2020 331

After a warm bank holiday weekend, it seems that the summer may not be too far away. Whilst we all hope that it is a very hot summer for us to take a break and catch up on our sun bathing, your heating is probably taking a long deserved break too.

However there can still be times on those cool evenings where we need that little bit of heat to just take the chill off until the sun comes up in the morning.

Despite it being summer there are savings to be made. Minor alterations to your radiators can reduce the cost even further than the usual break in high energy bills we look forward to during the summer .To ensure you’re not spending more than you need to this summer; we have put together some tips for you to ensure your making the best savings possible.

Have you changed your temperatures?

If you haven’t made any recent changes to your electric radiators, Then it could still be set for winter, for summer such high temperatures are of course not needed. Although your heater will probably not kick in on a hot day anyway, it’s worth dialling down those temperatures, reducing your comfort temperature down a few degrees will ensure that the radiator does not come on, with the additional heat from the sun.

Economy temperatures are typically used for background heating in rooms that are not normally used during the day for example a bedroom or for when it isn’t cold enough to warrant a higher temperature. To make sure your heaters aren’t wasting money and energy on heating empty rooms, it’s worth changing your economy temperature too.

Have you delayed your heating start time?

Setting your electric radiators to come on before you wake up is not often needed for the summer, although it’s unlikely to be 21°C the minute you wake up, it may be cool enough for your heating to kick in. To avoid this, we recommend changing your programming and delaying the time your radiators first switch on.

If your home gets plenty of sunlight, you might want to keep your heating off altogether until the temperature drops late in the evening. If you’re in the shade in the morning, you could change your programming just to get rid of those chills first thing, and then set it to turn off when the sun has fully risen.

Turning your heating off altogether

During summer you might not need your heating at all. If this is the case, there’s no harm in turning your system off for the summer. For electric heating systems, this is simply a case of switching your electric radiators off at the wall or alternatively programming them to just use the frost protection mode during the summer maintaining your programming so you only have to change the temperatures when it gets to winter again.

These very simple steps can ensure that you’re making as many savings as possible in terms of your energy bills. In the meantime enjoy the warm weather.