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Smartpanel Electric Radiator - 1500w

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  • Brand: Smartpanel
  • Product Code: PL1500D
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The digital electronic thermostats are highly accurate, ensuring optimum comfort and economy.
Smartpanel heaters are certified to the highest standards for safety and quality control.
Internally, the heaters have an extruded aluminium element to provide a very quick heat up time.
There are no fluids inside, meaning a lifetime guarantee that there will be no leaks.
Using the very latest digital electronic thermostat technology and having the built in capability for programming times andtemperatures means that only the energy absolutely needed is used.
The built in digital electronic thermostat and 24hr/7 day programming system is sited on the top of the heater for easy programming access.
The room air temperature is sensed belowthe Smartpanel where the air is coldest.
The thermostat accuracy is+/- 0.2 °C.
There are 9 factory pre-set programs to suit most lifestyles and a user programming option if the pre-set programs are not suitable.

  • Open Window Sensing
The heaters will sense when a window has been opened and stopproducing heat until the window is closed.

  • Adaptive Start Function

The Smartpanel learns the correct time to switch on, so no moreguessing what time to program.

Just tell the heater what temperature you want the room to be at and at what time, the Smartpanel will do the rest!

  • Energy Monitoring
This function can tell you the energy consumed in each day/week/ month or year.

Smartpanel does not need a circulation pump, or any moving parts.

The aluminium element naturally convects heat into the room without using fluids.
The thermostat and program controls are positioned on the top of the heater for easy programming and to retain the clean lines.

Technical Specifications:

 Dimensions: 450mm height x 745mm length x 80mm depth
• Suitable for a 36 metre cubed size room.
• Compact Steel Housing
• Durable epoxy powder RAL 9010.
• High performance extruded aluminium heating element.

• 7.9 cm width, ensures it integrates into any décor.
• Silent: digital regulation with a Triac component. 
• IEC Connector. Cable can be removed at the end of the season for not being visible. Compact SteelHousing box.
• Digital Programmable Control placed on the top (increased visibility and more accessible) with the following functions:
• Proportional Regulating System (PID) with high performance.

• Intelligent Control System (ITCS), the radiator configures its connection times adapting to the temperature of your home according to season helping an efficient energy consumption.
• Programmable from the equipment (weekly programming, 9 pre-programs and 4 customs).
• Counter of energy consumed (last 24h, 7 days, 30 days).
• Comfort, economic and no frost Modes.
• Easy mode function.· Baby-care function.
• LCD screen.

Open Window function.
 Pilot wire.
• Security Thermal Control.
• Voltage 220-240 V. Frequency 50-60 Hz.
• 1.2m cable with UK Plug.
• Power Switch on/off.
• Class 1.

Weight 8.8kg
Output 1.5kw
Width 745mm
Height 450mm
Depth 80mm

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