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Vanguard Radiators

Vanguard Radiators


Vanguard Electric Radiators

The Vanguard range of electric radiators are constructed in high purity aluminium, for a fast and even transfer of heat to the surface area.

They are filled with a superior solid Ceramic mica and then sealed. This means No maintenance will be required - Ever!

Vanguard radiators have contemporary styling and clean lines and are rated 100% energy efficient.

Each Vanguard aluminium radiator has a built in digital electronic room thermostat and 7 day / 24 hour programming system. The thermostat is positioned on the top of the radiator for ease of programming and to retain the clean lines of the radiator. The thermostat has chrono-proportional technology to ensue that there is a minimum of energy usage and very accurate thermostatic control to within +/- 0.2 deg C for ultimate thermal comfort.

The radiators produce radiant heat ( heating you directly ) and convection heat ( heating the air in the room ). It is important to have both radiant and convection heat to ensure maximum personal comfort. The air will not be dried like using a convector or storage heater and dust cannot settle on the elements so you will not get a burning dust smell or brown marks up the walls.

These aluminium electric radiators are a great replacement for night storage heaters, as a new central heating system or as an additional radiator for an extra room or a cold room.

Why Choose Vanguard Electric Radiators?


Ceramic radiator with high thermal inertia, able to continue emitting heat for a long period of time even after being off. 9.5 cm width, which ensures it integrates into any décor
Ceramic Block with heating element & double thermal isolation Class II, thin & light. Made with natural & eco friendly materials Uniform temperature distribution over the surface
Durable epoxy powder RAL 9010 Silent operation:digital regulation with Triac control
Designer Fluted Exterior Increases radiant surface area and provides great convection at the same time
Security Thermal Control Voltage 220-240 V. Frequency 50-60 Hz
1.5m cable with UK Plug Technical Data
Class 1 Power Switch on/off


Digital Programmable Control placed on the top (visibility and more accessible) with the following functions:

Proportional Regulating System (PID) for very accurate temperature control.
Intelligent Control System (ITCS), the radiator learns the heat up characteristics of the property and turns on at the right time to give the comfort required.
Programmable from the equipment (weekly programming, 9 preset programs and 4 customs).
Energy consumption meter (last 24h, 7 days, 30 days).
Comfort, economy and frost protection Modes.
 Easy use function.
Reduced surface temperature function.
LCD screen.
Open Window function

Vanguard Electric Radiator VA750 750w Vanguard Electric Radiator VA750 750w
• Dimensions:     575mm height x 415mm length x 95mm depth • Ceramic rad..
£276.00 Ex Tax: £230.00
Vanguard Electric Radiator VA1000 1000w Vanguard Electric Radiator VA1000 1000w
• Dimensions: 575mm height x 575mm length x 95mm depth • Ceramic radiator with hig..
£340.00 Ex Tax: £283.33
Vanguard Electric Radiator VA1500 1500w Vanguard Electric Radiator VA1500 1500w
• Dimensions:     575mm height x 735mm length x 95mm depth • Ceramic rad..
£394.00 Ex Tax: £328.33
Vanguard Electric Radiator VA2000 2000w Vanguard Electric Radiator VA2000 2000w
• Dimensions:     575mm height x 895mm length x 95mm depth • Ceramic rad..
£440.00 Ex Tax: £366.67
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