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Looking to replace your outdated storage heaters?

Looking to replace your outdated storage heaters?

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Thousands of people have already made the switch from storage heaters to electric radiators and are enjoying the benefits of 100% energy efficiency, usually people’s criticisms of electric heating are based on old-fashioned storage heaters, Current electric radiators boast unrivalled energy and money saving features that put conventional heating systems to shame.

Whilst gas central heating remains a popular way to heat homes, it’s not the most efficient or reliable. Central heating systems suffer from wasted energy, the loss of heat through extensive piping, inaccurate thermostats, the risk of burst pipes and radiator leaks, limited control, and the lack of control over heating bills which comes from the unpredictability of fossil fuel costs.

Energy Efficiency

Electric central heating is 100% efficient: all energy is converted to heat. In a central heating system, water is heated in a central boiler and then pushed around the house through pipes; the efficiency is reduced because heat is lost through the pipes before it reaches the radiators.

Control & Programming

Electric radiators come with state-of-the-art energy management systems that can help you cut down significantly on your energy usage and heating bills. Traditional gas central heating systems can be less easily controlled, often suffering from a single thermostat which gives an unrepresentative temperature reading for the rest of the house.

Electric radiators are normally fitted with a precision thermostat accurate to at least 0.5 degrees. The thermostat measures the temperature in each room and switches the radiator on or off to maintain the desired temperature. With good insulation, this can mean that the radiator is only using energy for a third of the time – which could significantly reduce your heating bills.

They also benefit from 24/7 programming, which allows you to tailor your heating schedule to suit your lifestyle. So if you know you're going to be out of the house at certain times, you don't waste energy and money heating an empty house – you can program your heating to come on when you're likely to return. With a number of pre-set and customisable programs, you have complete flexibility to design an energy-saving heating schedule which suits your household. There are even Wi-Fi controlled options so you can control your radiators both in and away from the home giving you complete control to really trim down your bills, making sure that you only use energy when you really need it.


One of the most daunting aspects of installing gas central heating systems is the expensive and invasive plumbing work. With electric heating, installation could not be easier.

Our wall mounted electric radiators are easy install with the provided brackets and instructions and simply plug into the nearest socket or in some cases are pre-wired giving you the choice to fit a standard plug or have an electrician to wire them in for you.