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Deciding to go Electric?

Deciding to go Electric?

20 Sep 2019

All electric radiators are 100% efficient so that every unit of energy put into a radiator will result in an equal unit of heat. There’s no need to ignite a fuel and no additional release of dirty gases.

Also, electric radiators require no maintenance when compared to more traditional gas central heating systems. Since they are not filled with water, there is no need to bleed them either.

With electric radiators warming your home, if something breaks down, you only have to replace the individual radiator unit or in some case’s a replaceable part. You don’t have to worry about a boiler malfunction and an expensive repair or replacement.

Our electric radiator systems are also modular, meaning you have the ability to set different temperatures for individual rooms. The radiator units are also extremely easy to install since with some ranges they only require a power outlet just plug in and start warming your home right away! Or a local electrician can hard wire them for you very easily.