Vanguard Radiators

Vanguard Radiators

The Vanguard range of electric radiators are constructed in high purity aluminium, for a fast and even transfer of heat to the surface area.

They are filled with a superior solid Ceramic mica and then sealed. This means No maintenance will be required - Ever!

Vanguard radiators have contemporary styling and clean lines and are rated 100% energy efficient.

Each Vanguard aluminium radiator has a built in digital electronic room thermostat and 7 day / 24 hour programming system. The thermostat is positioned on the top of the radiator for ease of programming and to retain the clean lines of the radiator. The thermostat has chrono-proportional technology to ensue that there is a minimum of energy usage and very accurate thermostatic control to within +/- 0.2 deg C for ultimate thermal comfort.

The radiators produce radiant heat ( heating you directly ) and convection heat ( heating the air in the room ). It is important to have both radiant and convection heat to ensure maximum personal comfort. The air will not be dried like using a convector or storage heater and dust cannot settle on the elements so you will not get a burning dust smell or brown marks up the walls.

These aluminium electric radiators are a great replacement for night storage heaters, as a new central heating system or as an additional radiator for an extra room or a cold room.


Vanguard Sales animation from Electrorad on Vimeo.

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  • Vanguard Electric Radiator 750w
    Dimensions:     575mm height x 415mm length x 95mm depth • Ceramic radiator with high thermal inertia, able to continue emitting heat for a long period of time even after being off. • Ceramic Block with heating element and double thermal isolation Class II, thin and light.        Made with natural and eco friendly materials • 9.5 cm with, which ensures it integrates into any décor. • Uniform temperature distribution over the surface. • To..
    £318.00 Ex Tax: £265.00