RF 660 Control Unit Compatiblefor RF Aeroflow Units

Brand: Electrorad
Product Code: Central Control Unit Compatible and required for RF Aeroflow
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Price: £189.00 Ex Tax: £157.50

*Optional for use with RF Aeroflow units and D10 Room Thermostats*

6 Zone Radio Transmitter

Remote Programmer


The central radio transmitter is used to program the timing for radiators in each zone with fitted with the radio frequency remote receivers.

It is compatible with the room thermostat (D10) as the radiators do not come with the individual stats.

The compatible Aeroflow radiators are signified by the RF suffix.


The six zone controller is a 7 day 24 hour programmer with individual hourly control for all six zones.


The unit is similar to a traditional central heating system but with superior additional control timing over each zone in conjunction with the D10 Room stats.

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