Electric Radiators

Electric radiators are the best heating choice for homes or offices, with the highest efficiency of any form of heating, offering the world’s most controllable and accurate thermostats in every single room required. These are different to panel heaters and storage heaters, giving the perfect ratio of rapid radiant heating and quick immersive convective warmth.

Storage heaters are a poor option for today’s modern lifestyle, with people unable to take advantage of the prime heating times during the day, only receiving the dregs of heat that they paid for the night before once they arrive home from a hard day’s work. Lacking thermostats is another reason to choose some form of electric radiators, allowing you to turn a radiator down if a room is too warm, unlike a storage heater belting out an uncomfortable heat on a warm day.

Panel heaters are often compared to electric radiators, but only offer a cheap and inferior imitation to the genuine mix of quality and natural warmth that electric radiators provide.

As all of the element is exposed (as opposed to submerged in electric radiators) the full air scorching temperature burns dust as it moves around the room causing a burning smell, brown marks, and becoming a fire risk that just doesn’t exist with electric radiators, as they have a maximum surface temperature well below.

With user replaceable parts and the ability to use a normal three pin plug socket, there is no need for expensive electrician’s bills for installation or repair, all this can be done by the user quickly and efficiently with minimal fuss.

There are many choices for electric radiators on the market, all offering different qualities and strengths:

1. Aluminium radiators offer the most rapid heat up times of any electric radiators on the market and are also the lightest units, allowing easy single person installation on most wall types, all at a very modest cost.

2. Steel traditional British wet central heating style electric radiators offer a unique aesthetic to the British Isles, with a solid mix of great integral features such as the open window shut off, forget me not flash memory for all temperatures & settings, and the ability to be controlled centrally or even individually by app control!

3. German radiators are renowned for their gargantuan output in the most compact of bodies due to their density and huge surface area, and the impressively tanky 30 year warranty on the bodies, due to their renowned excellent materials standards and efficient factory quality, perfected over decades of research and development in electric radiator technologies.