Electric Heating Controls

Electric Heating Controls

Our most popular stocked item in the Aeroflow range is the in Digital integral thermostat and timer, giving full weekly control over each unit.

For wirelessly controlled Aeroflow radiators, we offer optional RF controls that can be ordered additionally to the radiators through the shop.

We offer a central control unit (610) which works like a wet system, controlling all of the radiators from a central programmer and timer (no need for D10 Units)

Electric Radiators Online, also offer a central control (660) with individual room thermostat and timing functions for up to six zones using our up to six of our D10 room which allows better temperature control in the different use rooms, such as conservatories or bedrooms.

For the Digiline radiators, the optional central programmer is battery powered and uses radio frequency signals to communicate with these electric radiators, so no wiring is required. It can be wall mounted or can free stand. Every radiator can have different temperature settings, and every zone can have different operating times. The central programmer is capable of separately programming up to 4 separate zones. This provides for the ultimate electric central heating system with absolute control over temperatures, times and energy usage.

Please visit our sister website for more information on our range of energy efficient electric radiators.


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  • Digi-Line touchscreen control with Wifi gateway Touch E3
    The new touchscreen central control is your new central heating control for our Digi-Line range. The touchscreen communicates with the built in radio receivers in each radiator and allows you to control every room in the house by radio signals from one location. The touchscreen also communicates wirelessly with your home Wifi network and allows you to control your Digi-Line radiators from anywhere in the world via your smartphone, tablet or PC. The smartphone and tablet app – ‘Cleverto..
    £330.00 Ex Tax: £275.00
  • Central Control Unit Compatible and Optional for RF Aeroflow Units
    *Optional for use with RF Aeroflow units* Central Radio Transmitter Remote Thermostat and Programmer   The central radio transmitter is used to program the thermostat setting and time programming for radiators fitted with the radio frequency remote receiver. These are signified by the RF suffix.   The central controller is a room thermostat and 7 day 24 hour programming system.   Like a traditional central heating system, the temperature is sense..
    £138.60 Ex Tax: £115.50
    Based on 1 reviews.
  • Digiline 4 Zone RF Programmer Compatible with all Digiline sizes
    Radio Frequency Central Programmer Battery powered No wiring required Communicates directly with the integral RF receiver in each radiator Each radiator can have different comfort and economy temperatures  Time programming can be split into 4 separate zones Can be wall mounted or free standing ..
    £96.00 Ex Tax: £80.00