Vanguard Electric Radiator 1000w

  • Brand: Vanguard
  • Product Code: VA1000
  • Availability: In Stock


Dimensions: 575mm height x 575mm length x 95mm depth

• Ceramic radiator with high thermal inertia, able to continue emitting heat for a long period of time even after being off.

• Ceramic Block with heating element and double thermal isolation Class II, thin and light.       

Made with natural and eco friendly materials

• 9.5 cm width, which ensures it integrates into any décor.

• Uniform temperature distribution over the surface.

• Top quality injected aluminum body means a light and strong product.

• Side panels in injected polyamide with internal reinforcements.

• Durable epoxy powder RAL 9010.• Silent operation: digital regulation with Triac control.

• Digital Programmable Control placed on the top (visibility and more accessible) with the following functions:·

Proportional Regulating System (PID) for very accurate temperature control.

· Intelligent Control System (ITCS), the radiator learns the heat up characteristics of the property and turns on at the right time to give the comfort required.

· Programmable from the equipment (weekly programming, 9 preset programs and 4 customs).

· Energy consumption meter (last 24h, 7 days, 30 days).

· Comfort, economy and frost protection Modes.

· Easy use function.

· Reduced surface temperature function.

· LCD screen.

· Open Window function.

· Pilot wire.

• Security Thermal Control.

• Voltage 220-240 V. Frequency 50-60 Hz.

• 1.5m cable with UK Plug.

• Power Switch on/off.

• Class 1.



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