Electric Radiators

We supply a unique range of energy efficient electric radiators available at the best prices possible. We have Aluminium electric radiators, Steel electric radiators, oil filled electric radiators, thermal fluid and fireclay core electric radiators. We also supply German electric radiators as well as radiators made in britain. Our radiators are slimline, modern, 100% controllable and energy efficient. 

Every electric radiator has a 100% energy efficiency rating and extremely accurate room temperature thermostats which continually sense the ambient air temperature in the room and regulate to within +/- 0.2 deg C of your desired room temperature.

The modern electric heating controls ensure economy of use and the best available economy radiators. Combining a number of electric radiators, you can create a full electric central heating system. All our ranges of electric radiators have exceptional guarantees, of up to 30 years. This gives an indication of the quality of the products we offer. Our radiators can also be used independantly to heat just one room, for example to heat a conservatory or extension.        



Electric Radiators Online

At electric radiators online, we supply electric radiators that look like normal UK central heating radiators and other ranges which have the looks of european central heating.

Older style storage heaters and convector heaters have exposed hot elements inside which means that dust can settle directly on the elements and burn off when the elements are hot. This leads to the burning dust smell and over time the depositing of brown marks up the walls. The elements in our electric radiators are sealed inside the steel or aluminium housing of the radiator, so the dust cannot settle on the elements.

Radiant heat will mean a greater feeling of warmth than with convection alone which may lead to you feeling comfortable at a lower thermostat setting. This in turn will mean reduced running costs.

Electric Radiators are now the preferred method of electric heating. With highly accurate thermostat and timing controls and optional radio frequency central controls, you can have exactly the heat you want at the times you want and where you want.

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